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Acadian Tales from Bygone Days



Acadian Tales from Bygone Days

Paperback, 182 pages. 


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from the book:

Ch. 2 The pig, the war, planes and cabbage soup

Philomène : We’re going through hard times but if we can last another winter without getting too many illnesses and flus, we won’t complain. Janvier killed your pig this morning. You oughtta give him a good piece of meat for his share. Did you save the blood, Thimothé? P’tite Maggie is gonna come help me make blood pudding.

Thimothé : Not only did we save the blood. We saved the head too, so that you could make some headcheese. Headcheese made with the pig’s head, yum, yum!

Philomène : Did you change the batteries in your radio? Tonight, we have to listen to the news after "Séraphin". They’re talking heavy ‘bout the war already started overseas. Last night, when I talked ‘bout it to P’tit Constant, he turned white as a dead man and he fainted. He fell like a rock on the floor.

Thimothé : Can you blame him? I wouldn’t like to be wearing those young people’s pants. I pity them from the bottom of my heart. Now that the war is declared, they don’t have a choice. They’ll be drafted and sent in far away places. We will never see P’tit Constant again.

Philomène : The other day, something went by in the sky, making such a terrible noise that the dishes were rattling in the cupboard. Me and P’tite Maggie we rushed outside to see what it was.

Thimothé : Say no more. When these two airplanes circled on top of Cheticamp, people went hiding. They thought it was some kind of devillish undertakings.

Philomène : P’tite Maggie, whose afraid of nothing, well, let me tell you, she thought they were ghosts. She got in the house, scared to death, tripped on her raggedy old shoes and landed on the floor.

Thimothé : It’s a subject that’s hard to tackle, but P’tit Constant, maybe he could use his poor eyesight as an excuse. He could pretend. By the way Philomène, what are you cooking in the big bakepan?

Philomène : I’m cooking a pot of cabbage soup for tomorrow and don’t you dare eat any for supper. You will get nightmares and you won’t be able to sleep.

Thimothé : Baloney! You’re making things up. When I see doctor Doiron, I’ll ask him if cabbage soup can cause nightmares. But in the meantime, if you don’t want me to have cabbage soup for supper, you’d better put it away from my nose.