October 11, 2011

Amazing Photos of New York before 9/11 - Hudson River VFR Corridor

My questions to the Political Parties....

Although it would be nice to be the most connected country in the world, trailing on the list offers some privileges: like being able to study the effects of technology on those nations more connected than us. But it seems a lot of people think this is irrelevant, or won't effect us - or they don't understand it.


1) Since April 2010, Facebook has over 400 million users, with exponentially expanding growth. If facebook were a country, it would be the third most powerful nation in the world, second only to China and India. If Facebook, Google or another prolific website were to purchase the micro nation of the Principality of Sealand, they would instantly and irrefutably, become the largest country by population over the smallest land mass. This would change the way the world works. Think it can't happen? Zuck makes *many* allusions to this in his F1 Keynote last year, and TPB has tried on numerous occasions to acquire the Principality of Sealand to house it's servers. It's only a matter of time.


If you party is elected, how will it contend with such major changes in the worldwide political landscape? Would Canada endorse UN and EU seats for 'web nations' ?


2) Since December 2008, the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory ruled that Facebook is a valid protocol to serve court notices to defendants. Australia, a commonwealth country, is believed to be the first to define a summons posted on Facebook as legally binding. In March of 2009, the new Zealand High Court associate justice David Glendall allowed for the serving of legal papers via Facebook.


If your party is elected, what reforms will it bring to the justice system to bring it into the 21st century?


3) In South Korea, the nation boasting the highest level of online penetration and speeds up to 200 times faster than the fastest internet available in Canada, kids who spend too much time online are sent to Internet detox boot camp. The government now estimates up to 30 percent of those under 18, or about 2.4 million children, are at risk. To combat the problem the South Korean government offers treatment at roughly 200 counseling centers and hospitals, and has trained more than 1,000 Internet addiction counselors. Of the 2.4 million at risk, 80% become hospitalized and 20% need medication. But South Korea is not alone. China has over 300 treatment centers which trest about 10 million teenagers. In 2007, the government ordered online computer game operators to set up a "game fatigue system" that encourages minors to play less than three hours per day by reducing their points in the game and issuing periodic warnings: "You have entered unhealthy game time, please go offline immediately to rest." This offers us a glimpse of what is coming to Canada within the next 72 months. Pandemic technology addiction will cripple our healthcare system in unimagineable, unfathomable ways.


If your party is elected, what immediate steps will it take to prepare our healthcare system for pandemic technology addiction?

June 16, 2011

Vancouver Riot 2011 Stanley Cup - Full Videos!

Vancouver Riot 2011 Stanley Cup - Full Videos!

May 17, 2011




March 23, 2011


January 31, 2011

World News Digest January 30th 2011

January 09, 2011

International Coverage of Tuscon, Arizona Shootings

February 02, 2010

Trois Beaux Canards Radio le jeudi 28 janvier CKDU 88.1 FM Halifax

Trois Beaux Canards - le jeudi 28 janvier 2010

Les animateurs de discutent les tremblements de terre en Haiti.

Le jeudi 28 janvier 2010

L'émission de radio francophone d'Halifax, Trois Beaux Canards, animée par Leighton Steele et Daniel Robichaud, a reçu le prix de la meilleure diffusion spécialisée en 2007 et en 2009 la mention honorable de l'Association Nationale des Radios Étudiantes et Communautaires, pour la categorie "Excellence Documentaire"

August 06, 2009

National Community Radio Awards

 English Follows French

  L’émission de radio francophone d’Halifax, Trois Beaux Canards, animée par Leighton Steele et Daniel Robichaud, a reçu le prix de la meilleure diffusion spécialisée en 2007 pour sa couverture du décès du travesti Lulu LaRude, comédien populaire d'Halifax (écoutez, MP3).

 Cette année, TROIS BEAUX CANARDS reçoit une mention honorable aux 2009 Community Radio Awards dans la catégorie de PROGRAMMING EXCELLENCE - DOCUMENTARY de l'Association Nationale des Radios Étudiantes et Communautaires pour le montage 'A Tale of Acadie, entrevues avec les conteurs Poitevins' (2008 CKDU, CHMA) 12min


 Écoutez l'Extrait!  Listen to the clip (MP3)

 Hosted by Leighton Steele and Daniel Robichaud, the “Trois Beaux Canards” show features Francophone music and culture on CKDU 88.1 radio station from Dalhousie University. The program received CKDU's Best Specialty Broadcast Award in 2007 for it's documentary on the life of the late Lulu Larude, a fixture of Halifax nightlife (listen, MP3).

 This year the show has received honorable mention at the National Campus and Community Radio Association's (NCRA) National Community Radio Awards in the category of Programming Excellence - Documentary, for it's broadcast entitled "Tale of Acadie: interviews with Poitvin storytellers"


Program Website // Site officiel


July 21, 2009


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Insight into low-energy, low-cost public access solutions for the Halifax Regional C@P Site network

It was over a year ago when discussions began over low-cost, innovative, low-energy solutions began.  The issue : the rising number of old, obsolete computers currently in use in our network. 

The goal: to find a low-cost solution for C@P sites which covers a range of target areas.

First, the ambition is to educate the public about open-source operating systems and software option, secondly the ambition is to replace aging computers while reducing, significantly, the carbon footprint of our network overall.

Our research began in November of 2008 with Linux consultant Stephen Kelly.  He is the former broadcast technician of CKDU RAdio (8yrs), as well as the author of OpenRadio, a website dedicated to open source resources for non-for-profit radios in Canada.

Thumbnail image for IMG00435.jpg

The first system we looked at is the Linutop.

The Linutop is essentially a mini-pc (thin client) made by First International Computer with a modified version of Xubuntu pre-installed.  The hardware is based on AMD's Geode processor. 

We disassembled the Linutop and took some pictures:



The modifications that the folks at Linutop made to Xubuntu can be summed up as:

-video optimization.  They tweaked the graphics driver in order to get the most out of the Geode processor.  This is important for video playback, especially Flash video such as that found on YouTube.
-they added a nice custom interface for certain administrative tasks
-they tweaked the OS in order to minimize the number of file system writes, thus prolonging the life of the flash memory.

We've been testing the Linutop very thoroughly, making use of all the pre-installed software such as Firefox, Open Office, and VLC.  We also installed some other software such as Audacity, Skype, and the Gimp. 

From both a user and administrator point of view, the Linutop operating system is great.  It is stable, full-featured, and user friendly.  However, the hardware is simply too slow for these devices to operate as stand-alone public access computers.  Everything works fine, it just feels clunky to use.  Its frustrating to have to sit and wait for web pages to load or programs to open.  This is mostly due to the relatively slow speed of the Geode processor.  The system is optimized for low-power consumption (only 8 watts!) but the trade off is low overall system responsiveness.

Thumbnail image for IMG_1960.jpgThumbnail image for IMG_1959.jpg

Here is a Linutop installed at ROC Terence Bay,  The computer is the black box behind the monitor. Here they are using a PS2 Legacy dongle which lets them use an older, non-usb keyboard.

We are still researching these small computers as an option for C@P sites. Many partners around the table have brought valuable insight.

When polled about the reception among patrons in Terence Bay, here's what they had to say.

< Linutop has had mixed reaction at our site. The size and "all in one" package seems to impress people the most. What I hear the most, and I agree, is that it's sluggish - especially with video. The children that use our site usually jump on Youtube to listen to music while they chat on MSN and Facebook - and maybe even play a game online at the same time. And they quickly figure out when a computer is slow and switch to another.

I did have one user who jumped on the Linutop to send email and for basic surfing and didn't even notice that she wasn't on a Windows machine. >

Next up is a fanless system from Diskless Workstations, the LTSP Term 1500 series( TK-3880).  The TK-3880 is manufactured by Termtek.  As the name suggests, this is another  thin client (intended to be used with LTSP).  However, we are investigating the use of this device as a stand alone desktop computer. 
Here are some images with a CD for scale:


The TK-3880's power supply is nicely integrated into the chassis.  There are plenty of I/O options on the back, including, audio, dual video output,  and a full-height PCIex slot.


The system RAM and Compact Flash card are installed on the underside of the chassis.

The TK-3880 is based on the Intel Atom N270 QS processor, clocked at 1.6GHz with 533MHz FSB.  Unlike the Linutop, the TK-3880 comes with no operating system.  We prepared versions of Fedora and Xubuntu for testing.  Again, slight modifications of the default Linux distributions were necessary to maximize video performance and prolong the life of the compact flash card.  The operating system was tweaked to be essentially read-only, returning to our pre-determined state on every reboot.

The TK-3880 runs the standard software (Firefox, Flash, Open Office, Gimp, VLC, etc) fairly well.  There is a significant performance improvement over AMD Geode-based systems such as the Linutop.  The power consumption of the TK-3880 is also a bit higher at 20 watts, which we confirmed with an energy meter.  Unfortunately, energy tests revealed that this device uses 4 watts even when it is turned off.

Overall, the TK-3880 performs well for basic Internet browsing, playling audio and video, and word processing.  However, performance and price is still not quite at the level necessary for multi-purpose public access computers.

Finally we received the FitPC 2 for testing.

July 17, 2009

Retail Innovator of the year Green Marketing

 June 10, 2009

NRHA Retail Innovator of the year -Green Marketing

"Inaugural Retail Recognition Program Sponsored by Vermont American"

Ten home improvement retailers are being honored for outstanding achievement as owners and managers of independently owned hardware and building supply stores in the United States and Canada. They are honorees in the 2009 Retail Innovators of the Year program. Sponsored by Vermont American, the program is organized by the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) and Hardware Retailing magazine and is dedicated to honoring independent retailers who are setting the example for retail innovation in the home improvement industry.

"These retailers are leading the industry by example in what can be achieved by independent retailers across the home improvement industry. Their example encourages other independent retailers to continue their pursuit of excellence in hardware/home center retailing, and we applaud their efforts."
— Bill Lee, NRHA managing director and publisher of Hardware Retailing magazine


This year’s Retail Innovator Award recipients will be showcased at the upcoming NRHA Annual Convention and All-Industry Conference, which will take place July 13-15, 2009, at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter in San Antonio, Texas. The Retail

Innovator Awards program will be held on July 14, where the honorees will be recognized for their accomplishments. They will also be featured in the August issue of Hardware Retailing magazine. 

Marc Robichaud, of UJ Robichaud TIMBR Mart is named NHRA Retail Innovator of the year in the green marketing category. 

When other retailers were crafting their green strategies, this fifth-generation retailer was already living them … at home and in his 140-year-old business. For the past decade, Robichaud has been an expert at helping his customers live greener lives.

Through his efforts, he continues to save customers money, reduce their carbon footprint and make them loyal customers.

For more information on the 2009 Retail Innovator of the Year Awards or the 2009 NRHA Convention and All-Industry Conference, log on to

Click here to view NRHA press release.  (PDF Format)

Click here to view TIMBR Mart press release (PDF Format)


Marc Robichaud to receive Retail Innovator Award


Monday, June 15, 2009 (Calgary, AB) –  It’s no secret within TIM-BR MART that Marc Robichaud of U.J. Robichaud TIM-BR MART in Meteghan Centre, Nova Scotia is ‘greener’ than most. And now he’s being recognized on both sides of the border. Today the company announced that Robichaud, a 5th generation retailer, will receive the North American Retail Hardware Association’s (NRHA) Retail Innovator of the Year award in the ‘Green Marketing’ category.

Over 10 years ago, Marc felt strongly that taking the company in an environmentally friendly direction could define them in the decades to come. Since then, he has worked to carve a niche for the company as leaders in ‘green’ and has been recognized locally, provincially and now internationally for his efforts.

Robichaud’s approach to being an eco-minded business is all-encompassing and doesn’t stop at the wide variety of future-friendly products he stocks on his shelves. He’s implemented store policies and practices (like ‘no idling’ for the delivery fleet and using wood scraps as a heat energy source for on-site buildings), he employs online selling and marketing tactics, and of course, walks the talk himself outside his store—literally—during his daily walks to work and a whole host of other personal practices that are green. Marc has become a ‘go-to’ person for customers, organizations and businesses seeking green speakers, and even the local radio station (they’re considering having him host a series of environmental clips on-air).

Marc’s view on eco-consciousness conveys a long-standing awareness: “I think my generation understood at an early age that we would have to create the change we wanted to see. We did not just wake up one day and say, ‘hey, we have to do things differently,’ but we grew up thinking that way. We realized that the planet could not survive if we did not treat it with more respect.”

A key plank in Robichaud’s multi-pronged eco-strategy is EnerGrade, a TIM-BR MART initiative which helps customers improve the energy-efficiency of their home. Marc and his team grabbed onto this program quickly and established themselves as the destination for people looking to undertake efficiency projects. They now help customers all the way from project planning, to home energy audits (essential to access government grants) to the project completion; he has also embraced EcoChoice, TIM-BR MART’s designation for products that are better for the environment.

“Marc is a fantastic Ambassador in bringing our retail environmental initiatives to life,” commented Steve Stremecki, Vice President, Retail Services at TIM-BR MART, adding: “He shows what can happen when a retailer chooses to see things a little differently and sticks to a vision and path. What’s admirable is Marc is trending to the future in a family business that’s over 140-years-old. To walk that balance between history and change—and be successful at it—that’s ‘retail innovation’.”

The NRHA’s Retail Innovator Awards are intended to honour the outstanding achievements of owners and managers of independently owned hardware and building supply stores in both Canada and the U.S. Marc Robichaud will receive his award at the NRHA’s annual conference in San Antonio, Texas next month.

In business since 1967, TIM-BR MART represents more than 740 Dealer locations across Canada, over $2 billion in annual purchases and over $3.4 billion in retail sales. TIM-BR MART’s focus is to be the buying group of choice for independent retailers, commercial dealers and manufacturers in Canada by combining their volume and purchasing at the lowest cost, understanding the needs of their Dealers, and offering a menu of value-added services. To learn more about TIM-BR MART, visit


photo accompanies release

For more information:

Aimee Feaver                         




July 16, 2009

Residential Solar Power News

July 15, 2009

Renewable Energy News

Hip Hop and R&B News

Whacky News Map

June 29, 2009

Larry King On Michael Jackson's death

Michael Jackson, the 'King of Pop,' dies at age 50 NBC NEWS

Michael Jackson Died - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's Death Report

Michael Jackson Death Shocking News

June 15, 2009

Pierre Elliot Trudeau Visit to Nova Scotia 1978

 Never Before Released!

The photos were a gift from Louise Soucy, a well-known reporter, radio host and restauranteur (Chez LaVigne, among others) in Nova Scotia.  Before moving away from the country for her retirement in the early 2000's, she handed me this treasure and said, "keep it well".

Soucy was a reporter for Radio-Canada at the time of the event, the recreation of the arrival of Champlain at Port-Royal, circa 1978. These candid photos show a rare glimpse of former Canadian Prime Minister and Icon of all things Canadiana.... Pierre Elliot Trudeau, accompanied by two very young sons. 

After nearly a decade of hanging onto these, I have decided to post them online. 

Merci beaucoup Louise, tu me manque profondement..... 


May 30, 2009

Pictures of the ill-fated HMCS Chicoutimi being towed out of Halifax

Pictures of the ill-fated HMCS Chicoutimi being towed out of Halifax

May 01, 2009

Incredible CBC footage of TV Crew running from the Halifax Wildfires


Sadly the CBC doesnt allow anyone to embed their video. 


So, here it is:


This is a CBC TV crew forced to leave their equipment behind and flee from the fire

Daytime Photos April 30th 2009 Wildfires in Halifax Nova Scotia



April 30, 2009

Amazing Nightime Pictures of Wildfires Blazing in Halifax, Nova Scotia April 30 2009

What you are seeing are the forest fires raging through the communities of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The area is Herring Cove, communities west of the rotary, Purcells Cove Road, all the way down to York Redoubt and Fortress Rd. April 30th 2009.

 These photos were taken at 10pm.

March 16, 2009

DanRobichaud Live Twitter Feed

February 12, 2009

Dear Telus








Photo Caption: all tiers of area management teaching their salespeople

how to best serve customers.


Dear Telus

       I have been a loyal client for nearly a decade. To this effect, I am thoroughly pleased to write to you today, as I am convinced that you value any feedback from such a long-tenured patron.

        Since I have been using my Blackberry Pearl, my trackball has failed twice.  Both times, I was well treated and settled for a swap unit.  

        I would like to point, however, that in both of those experiences I remained without a functional phone for seven to ten business days, never the two to five as the clerk had promised. 

        My luck never fails, and so my trackball failed today again.  I was right across the street from a privately owned Telus store in the downtown, but, alas, I will spare you the details of the unethical bullshit they fed me over there. My real misfortune started when it dawned on me that your corporate store would surely be quicker to solve my irritation. 

     As you may have guessed, I was not taking kindly to being told that my only option was to get, yet another swap unit. This would have been the fourth phone (original phone, first swap, second swap, ..and) I received in one year, and I was also aware that I would be without a working phone for seven to ten days without reimbursement.

    There was a lot of noise in the store, but, how lucky is it to walk into a store and all levels of area management are standing in the middle of the salesfloor? (see photo)

    The salesperson options were limited. It is not your policy to replace trackballs of on-warranty phones, and all the boss's boss's were standing right next to her. But this was no ordinary case.

    Were you really just going to send me a fourth phone and make me wait a week?  I asked to speak to the next level of management (area manager). I point out the fact that I used your Blackberry Phone to take the above photo, I'll get into the mechanics of that later. 

    The salesperson approached her manager but was refused, then placed me on the phone to speak to "Client Care".  Now, to be honest, I would have been pleased to speak to anyone in any capacity to help me.

     All I really wanted was for the salesperson to replace my trackball, which from my online research, takes about twenty seconds to do.  It's far less costly than a refurbished phone, I would have not went a week without service and, you guessed it, you would have a slightly less frustrated patron.

    Let me refer you again to the above photograph. Who you see here are all tiers of area management, teaching their salespeople how to best serve customers. To my misfortune, this was a very loud and enthusiastic conversation, and I couldn't hear a damn thing on the phone.

    I covered my ears struggled to communicate with the person on the other end of the phone, which, allegedly, may have been able to provide an amiable conclusion to all this fracas. 

  After several minutes of struggling to hear the person I finally had to ask the other salespeople to be a quiet. In fact I simply said it loud enough for everyone within standing distance to understand that I was having difficulty listening to the phone. 

   The cluster of management , who had watched the entire drama unfold, were unmoved and continued their loud banter. I had no choice but to hang up on "Client Care", and to that person, I apologize. Your voice was barely audible over the racket in the store. 

    All I wanted was for my trackball to be changed. YouTube it. This uncomplicated proceedure takes less than 20 seconds. I felt terrible for the salesperson, her manager's refusal to speak to me must have been humiliating. I left without a solution and with a humbled salesperson behind the counter. 

    Sometimes my luck does work for me though. It happens that the right-side button on this damn Blackberry is programmed to pull up my camera, and without a trackball I managed to take your picture, with your phone, that you wouldn't fix.

    Remember though that every person in this photo was aware that the solution to my problem was easy, logical, and inexpensive (and possible, right then and there, no questions asked). Every person in this photo also acutely knew that the manager had horribly shamed the salesperson. Moreover, each of the managers in this photo, smiled and posed for my photograph. None of them offered any assistance.  

    If their impression of best serving a customer is "posing for the photographer", what are they doing teaching the salespeople?

    Bravo! Telus, Bravo! 


Update: Mar 25 2009

  I called today to try to send this post to Telus Client Care (Loyalty).  Mike, from Toronto, was not interested in even receiving this documentation. I asked Mike, from Toronto, if there was any record of this post on my account, since they ARE client care, and every tier of management is in the photo.  Not only is it not documented, Mike, from Toronto, systematically refused to let me send it to him, or his manager. Mike, from Toronto, systematically refused to place me in contact with Karen Skerry, area manager corporate stores atlantic canada, seen in the above photo.

  All I get is the same rhetoric: I can pay for a new Blackberry, which Telus graciously offers a voucher for 200$ which hardly covers the cost of the device, or I can wait another 7 to 10 days to get the fourth phone in a year.  Telus is NOT offering compensation for the two previous service interuptions which amount to 14-20 days in the past year, waiting for new devices to arrive, nor are they offering compensation for the 7 to 10 days it would take to receive a new Pearl, should I have aquiested to their policy. 

  I explained to Mike, from Toronto, that it is possible, that in the millions of customers that Telus has, that sometimes some client experiences surpass the ordinary for which policies are written.  On the millions of clients, it is inevitable that SOMETIMES the policies in place just don't cut the mustard.

 Telus.... just send me a trackball.   Is that REALLY too much to ask? 


Final comment!  What is even cooler, is that the minute I got off the phone with Mike, from Toronto... Feedjit recorded a hit... you guessed it... from Toronto!   ...I wonder if it was Mike?

13:06:42 2009/03/25  Toronto, Ontario arrived from on "The World of the Truly Random: Dear Telus" by searching for dear TELUS.

The next update. 

 Today is July 23rd. Its been months, I called Customer Care again and was escalated again to Loyalty.  There is no mention of this information on my account, despite having specifically requested it, numerous times. I know the service rep looked at the website. Moments after our conversation Feedjit recorded a hit from Toronto, right on queue.

Toronto, Ontario arrived on "The World of the Truly Random: Dear Telus".

15:48:22 -- 4 minutes ago

 Today also marks the beginning of my email campaign.  As of today, I am emailing the following letter to the tiers of management seen in the photo. I will continue this each day until I receive a reply.  The email is as follows:


  I have been trying for months to resolve my issue of an intermittently functional trackball.  Since you were yourself present in the store on the day my troubles truly began (see photos in blog post), I am asking you to deal with this matter directly.

  My entire saga, including photos from the store on that day as well as comments left from visitors, can be viewed at   Further to this - there is an update on a phone conversation with the call center in Toronto, which is also available on the blog post. . 
  I have requested that this information be included on my account notes numerous times and each time I am assured it is, but each time I call Loyalty or Customer care, they have no idea what I am talking about.

  Below is the letter I wrote Telus - to which I have received NO response, and despite many requests, still does not appear in the notes on my account. I have requested numerous times to get in touch with you but every call center, department and store refuses to provide me with your contact information.

  I am at my wit's end. All you area managers were standing in front of me that day and no one helped me. Instead, you chose to shame the customer service person who was trying to help me.

  Since you were there in person, I trust that you will have now no problem helping me.


Triggers Some Response. July 23 2009

No doubt the Google queries for Telus, Dear Telus, Skerry Telus, and Karen Skerry are a veritable windfall for a publisher like myself.
Following the above email, I received the prompt attention of two people at Telus - Proving that it IS POSSIBLE TO ESCALATE TO MANAGEMENT BEYOND THE CALL CENTER! (So, folks, don't take that bullshit from the Telus call center that you can't escalate to local management THEY ARE LYING TO YOU). I have included their email addresses - the call centers and stores will systematically refuse to provide these to you.
First Response Received 
RE: Telus Blackberry Complaint
Nabil Tannous <>
Thursday, July 23, 2009 4:21:12 PM

Cc:Karen Skerry <>
Hi Dan,
My name is Nabil Tannous, and I am the Market Manager for TELUS in Nova Scotia.  Karen passed your concern my way, and I would like to help you out.  Is there a number where I could contact you?
Second Response Received 
RE: Telus Blackberry Complaint
Karen Skerry <>
Friday, July 24, 2009 4:54:50 PM
Hello Dan,
  Thank you for forwarding your email directly regarding your concern.  I understand Nabil Tannous has been in direct contact with you regarding the situation as I was in Montreal.
 Nabil has mentioned that he has found a resolution for your situation.
 Please feel free to contact me directly if there with any additional questions or concerns.
Karen Skerry

Clarification on the Resolution offered by Telus

    Some time between emails one and two, and the flood of search engine queries (looks like this went Viral everywhere Telus employs large masses of people), I got a phone call from Nabil.

    Telus did make an offer to appease me, despite that I have maintained that a monetary gesture does not excuse the negligence of the managers in the store that day. 

     Here is the offer (since there was no mention of an offer of non-disclosure)  :

  •  an 8.99$ replacement trackball (seriously they sell these online for 2.99$)
  • a 50$ voucher towards an accessory of my choice (does Telus even sell a 50$ accessory?)
  • a 50$ voucher if  I refer a friend to Telus (part of an existing, ongoing promotion... This didnt make his offer seem very special, at all)
  •  and there was an outstanding 200$ on my account (see original notes) to go towards the purchase of a new, off-contract device.  Now it is important to note that off-contract devices are much, much, much more expensive than that!
  ... In Telus`s hope for a happy ending on this blog (yes Nabil actually said that.....)
   My counteroffer: 
     The monetary gesture is irrelavant. The error in judgement that day lays in the three managers, only. I was assured that all three would apologize to the staff person they so horribly shamed that day. To that person, please feel free to leave a comment on this blog, confirming this has happened. 
     Leading by example is the only way to lead. Right now, you've established to your sales staff, that your behaviour was in correct moral rectitude and sound judgement...which is clearly was not, in any situation.
      I think the next sales training seminar should begin on a somber, humble tone of Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa.... 'we did wrong'..  and explain the the entire staff where the decision making went wrong that day... and then after they have been humbled in front of their staff, start all over again under the theme : how not to let a customer walk away angry....
      The next update will come after the little birdy reports what's happened on the sales floor. Who knows, maybe those front line staff will start contributing to this site.. that`s what the comments are for!


  It's now 2010 and I have paid the ten bucks to have my trackball replaced twice.  I sincerely don't care that the product consistently fails - all I wanted was the ability to purchase a two-dollar trackball for 9.99$ over the counter... no questions asked.

  I have received dozens (if not hundreds) of emails from TELUS staff nation-wide, commending this website, and confirming that policies were changed as a direct result.

  In terms of SEO -#1 Google Search Result for the names mentioned for over 12 weeks, and even nearly a year later, still own the keywords on all three major search engines. Currently, #12 in MSN search, #8 Google and #3 in Yahoo! 

  This one unique URL gets on average 350 hits a month, with hundreds of relevant backlinks on other websites.

Some Legal Notes
   Further to the comment about a happy ending to this blog, this blog is cyber dissisism, online journalism. It is a factual, non-fiction recollection of the events that have happened so far.
    Can a corporation (or another person) ask a blogger to censor their online content ? No. Not in Canada, as long as it is factual and not defamatory. It is fully protected under Canadian Law, and in fact, any request to have the information changed or deleted, is unlawful in itself.   

January 16, 2009

US Airways Flight 1549

US Airways Flight 1549

US Airways Flight 1549 Floating Around

Airliner Crashes In To Hudson River - New York

US Airways crash in Hudson River

Hudson River plane crash

Latest - Plane Crash New York City nyc Hudson River Jan 15 2009

US Airways Flight 1549

December 28, 2008

Today in History

Steel Industry News

For more steel news visit the steel portal at


December 24, 2008

George Bush shoe attack

Stylin Obama

President-Elect Obama's daily activities.

November 30, 2008

Cop Eats Pot Brownies, Freaks Out, and calls 911

November 28, 2008

P@C lance la chasse au trésor

Communiqué de presse

Pour diffusion le 22 octobre 2008

P@C lance la chasse au trésor moderne pour engager la jeunesse de la Nouvelle-Écosse

Halifax (N.-É.) 22 octobre 2008
– Le Halifax Regional Community Access Program, en collaboration avec le département du Développement économique et le Programme d’accès communautaire de la Nouvelle-Écosse, ont développé la première édition limitée de la pièce de géomonnaie P@C à être émise en Nouvelle-Écosse.

Dévoilée aujourd’hui le 22 octobre, la pièce de géomonnaie fera partie de la chasse au trésor mondiale connue sous le nom de Geocaching, qui consiste à utiliser la technologie du géopositionnement par satellite (GPS) pour rechercher un contenant (appelé cache ou geocache). Seulement 250 pièces de géomonnaie seront émises parmi plus de 26,000 geocaches à travers la Nouvelle-Écosse. Chaque pièce métallique est bilingue et dispose d’un numéro de repérage gravé au laser. Une fois déployée, les chercheurs d’aventure pourront contrôler le voyage des pièces à travers le monde en utilisant la base de données en ligne.

« Ce sport unique encourage un style de vie sain et la pratique d’activités par les jeunes qui jouent un rôle important dans la formation de nos communautés. Cela contribue par le fait même à la prospérité future de notre économie », selon Monsieur Angus MacIsaac, ministre du Développement Économique. « Le Geocaching est une autre façon de démontrer que les résidents de la Nouvelle-Écosse font preuve d’innovation à travers nos sites d’accès communautaires, en considérant la qualité de vie de nos générations futures ».

Un joueur peut placer une cache n’importe où dans le monde, définir exactement son emplacement en utilisant la technologie GPS et partager ensuite l’existence et l’emplacement de la cache en ligne. L’objectif est de localiser des contenants cachés à l’extérieur et partager vos expériences avec d’autres personnes via Internet. Beaucoup de geocaches en Nouvelle-Écosse contiennent des éléments historiques et sont situées dans des secteurs d’intérêts comme des parcs, littoraux, chutes d’eau et même dans des villes fantômes.

« Nous voulons encourager toutes les régions de la province à s’engager dans un usage en ligne qui va au-delà de l’écran d’ordinateur, favorisant des habitudes de jeu saines et des styles de vie actifs », affirme Daniel Robichaud, directeur exécutif du Halifax Regional C@P Association. « Cet engagement concorde exactement avec l’initiative de brancher les Canadiens et de faire du Canada le pays le plus branché au monde! ».

Plusieurs communautés de la Nouvelle-Écosse ont déjà exploré le Geocaching et la technologie GPS, y compris Terence Bay qui a tracé les coordonnées d’affaires et des points de repère directement sur Google Earth et Cole Harbour qui a téléchargé ses informations sur Wikipedia en créant de nouvelles occasions promotionnelles et économiques pour la communauté. Pour plus d’informations sur ces deux projets GPS, visitez :

Des dispositifs communs de GPS utilisés pour le Geocaching sont inclus dans les Blackberries, téléphones cellulaires et autres systèmes portatifs. Ceux-ci se connectent avec des technologies en ligne, y compris Google Earth, Google Maps, Picasa, Youtube and Wikipedia. Plusieurs versions de chasse au trésor en ligne existent actuellement, y compris le Geocaching, Waymarking et Letterboxing.

Le Programme d’accès communautaire (P@C) est une initiative du Gouvernement du Canada administrée par Industrie Canada qui aspire à fournir aux Canadiens un accès public abordable à Internet et aux compétences nécessaires pour utiliser cet outil efficacement. Avec l’effort de plusieurs partenaires dont le gouvernement fédéral, les gouvernements provinciaux et territoriaux, groupes communautaires, agences sociales, bibliothèques, établissements d’enseignements, organismes de services sociaux, installations de loisirs et petites entreprises, le P@C aident les Canadiens partout où ils vivent et tire profit des opportunités qui émergent dans la nouvelle approche globale de la connaissance basée sur l’économie.

Pour plus d’informations sur la pièce de géomonnaie 2008, visitez


Contacts pour medias anglophones :

Erin McGuire, Sonic Entertainment Group (902) 492-0960 /

Contacts pour medias francophones :

Daniel Robichaud (902) 406 3120

New Geocoin Launched


For Immediate Release Wednesday, October 22, 2008

C@P launches modern day treasure hunt to engage Nova Scotia's youth

(Halifax, NS) - The Halifax Regional Community Access Program (C@P), in cooperation with the Department of Economic Development and Nova Scotia C@P, have developed the first Limited Edition C@P GeoCoin to be released in Nova Scotia.

Unveiled today, October 22, the coin will be part of the hi-tech global treasure hunt known as Geocaching, which uses Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to find hidden geocaches. Only 250 coins will be released among the over 26,000 geocaches throughout Nova Scotia. Each individual copper and metal alloy C@P GeoCoin is bilingual and features a laser engraved tracking number. Once deployed, adventure seekers can monitor its worldwide travels using an online database.

"This unique sport encourages healthy lifestyles and activity among youth who play an important role in building communities, while contributing to the future prosperity of our economy," says Angus MacIsaac, Minister of Economic Development. "Geocaching is another way that Nova Scotians are demonstrating innovation though our community access sites, while considering the quality of life of future generations."

A player can place a geocache anywhere in the world, pinpoint its location using GPS technology and then share the geocache's existence and location online. The objective is to locate hidden outdoor containers and share your experiences with others via the internet. Many Nova Scotia geocaches contain historical context and are located in areas of interest such as parks, shorelines, waterfalls and even ghost towns.

"We want to encourage all regions of the province to engage in online usage that goes beyond the computer screen, fostering healthy gaming habits and active lifestyles," says Dan Robichaud, executive director of the Halifax Regional C@P Association. "This engagement is an ideal fit with our Connecting Canadians initiative to make Canada the most connected nation in the world."

Several Nova Scotia communities have already explored geocaching and GPS technology, including Terence Bay who plotted the coordinates of businesses and landmarks directly onto Google Earth and Cole Harbour who uploaded its information to Wikipedia creating new promotional and economic opportunities for the community. For more information on Terence Bay and Cole Harbour's GPS projects, visit:

Common GPS devices used in geocaching include, Blackberries, cell phones and other handheld systems. These connect with online technologies, including Google Earth, Google Maps, Picasa, Youtube and Wikipedia Several versions of online treasure hunts exist, including Geocaching, Waymarking and Letterboxing.

C@P is a Government of Canada initiative, administered by Industry Canada that aims to provide Canadians with affordable public access to the internet and the skills they need to use it effectively. With the combined efforts of the federal, provincial and territorial governments, community groups, social agencies, libraries, schools, volunteer groups and the business community, C@P helps Canadians, wherever they live, take advantage of emerging opportunities in the new global knowledge-based economy.

For more information on the 2008 Geocoin, visit:

For media inquiries, contact:

Erin McGuire, Sonic Entertainment Group (902) 492-0960 /

Nova Scotia C@P Geocoin

Photos 2008 Lake Echo Wildfires

Chronological list of EMO Updates - 2008 Nova Scotia Wildfires

Chronological list of EMO updates during the 2008 Lake Echo Minesville wildfire in Nova Scotia

Updated Monday June 16th, 2008 3:07 pm:

As of 4:00 pm today the highway 107 between exit 18-19 will re-open. This marks the end of EMO operations. All highways and streets are now open. HRM Fire remains to have a presence in the area for the wrap-up of operations.


Updated Monday June 16th, 2008 12:35 pm

The remaining closed streets will be open as of 2:00 pm and residents may return to their homes, these include:

Marjorie Dr George Dr Leslie Rd (including Bastin Point Rd and Heron View) Country Lake Rd

For the first 2 hours (2:00pm-4:00pm) access will be restricted to residents only, however after that time the streets will be open to the general public.

All other opened streets are also open to the general public

Highway 107 between exit 18-19 remain closed at this time, however we expect an update later today on the opening of the highway.

Any resident who notices left over fire-fighting equipment (hoses, etc) are asked to leave the equipment where it is and fire services will be around to collect it.


Updated Monday June 16th, 2008 11:20 am Attention of Residents of Eastern Shore Impacted by the Fire

Collection and Storage of Green Cart and Other Sources of Food Regular green cart collection will be completed the week of June 16, 2008 in the Porters Lake, Lake Echo, Three Fathom Harbour, East and West Chezzetcook, North and East Preston, Lawrencetown, Conrod Settlement and West Petpeswick. Regular collection of recyclables will also be provided the week of June 16th.

Residents are reminded of the following measures to prevent the attraction of animals that have been displaced by the fire:

  • place your green cart out for collection at 7 am on your regular collection weekday
  • once your green cart has been collected place in a shed or garage
  • remove exterior pet dishes
  • remove grease from BBQ's and/or place in garage or shed
  • remove bird feeders and any seeds on the ground
  • waste stored outside is to be placed in garbage can with a lid
  • as bears are primarily nocturnal, place your green cart out for collection in the morning
  • contact the Department of Natural Resources (1-800-565-2224) whom will live trap the bear and relocate

For information call the HRM Call Centre at 490-4000.


Updated Monday June 16th, 2008 7:54 am

Residents who are returning to their homes to find that their power has been disconnected must contact NS Power at 428-6230 to have it re-connected. **Please be advised** - Ensure all appliances are turned off prior to the re-connection of power.


Updated Sunday June 15th, 2008 9:15 pm

STREET CLOSURES The following streets are still closed:

  • Marjorie Dr
  • George Dr
  • Leslie Rd (including Bastin Point Rd and Heron View)
  • Country Lake Rd
  • Highway 107 from exits 18-19
  • Please note that Highway 107 will not be open on Monday June 16th for rush hour going into the city (6-9am)


  • Ponderosa Drive off of Highway 207 will be open as of 8:00 pm
  • Crowel Road will be open as of 9:00pm; we ask that you use the Highway 207 to access this road
  • West Porters Lake Rd will be open as of 9:00pm ; we ask that you use the Highway 207 to access this road
  • The check point at Highway 107; exit 17 will move back to exit 18 at 9:00pm which means that exit 17 will be re-opened
  • Mineville will be open as of 9:00pm
  • Candy Mountain Rd will be open as of 9:00pm; power to the homes on Candy Mountain Rd has been turned off but there will be a NS Power truck on this street, please contact the truck driver to re-connect your power.
  • Shoreline Rd will be open as of 9:00pm
  • All of Highway #7 will be open at 9:00pm

The RCMP asks that you please check your residence upon returning home for any kind of a breech; if you find one, please call the complaint line to report it at 490-5016. There will be officers in the area to deal with any issues.

LAKES please stay off Lake Echo and Porters Lake; water bombers are using these lakes to access water to put out fires.

ROADWAYS Motorists are asked to pull over to the side of the road when they encounter emergency vehicles.

NEXT UPDATES The next aerial survey will take place at 6:30 am on Monday June 16th, and the next update will be at 11:00 am on Monday June 16th.


Updated Sunday June 15th, 2008 6:22 pm

STREET OPENINGS Effective immediately, the following streets will be open to local residents only until 7:30 pm (you will need to show ID with your civic address to get through the check point), they will then be open to the general public after 7:30 pm:

-Highway #7 and adjoining streets -The Wonderland Trailor Park -Highway 207; however the following adjoining roads are still closed:

-Lahey Dr -Moore Dr -Murphy Rd -Glendale -Maple Dr -Island View Dr -Leslie Rd -Heron View -Bastin Point Rd

THE FOLLOWING AREAS ARE NOT YET OPEN: -Blue Rock Rd -Ponderosa Dr -Country Lake Road

There will be an aerial assessment of the area at 6:00 pm-we hope to open more areas by our 7:00pm update.

FIRE INVESTIGATION The RCMP Forensic team believes that the fire started at the Wonderland Trailor Park, however, the cause of the fire is not yet known.

SCHOOLS The Halifax Regional School Board has updated information regarding school closures, exams and bus schedules on their website at


Updated Sunday June 15th, 2008 2:21 pm

EVACUATIONS All existing evacuation orders and road blocks are still in effect. As of 5 pm this evening, we will consider opening certain areas to residents only-you will need ID that includes your civic address to go through the check point areas; the areas include Wonderland Trailer Park and Ponderosa Drive.

ACCESS TO RESTRICTED AREAS (FOR PETS, MEDICATION & OTHER EMERGENCIES) This process remains the same, residents must register with the Red Cross (through 490-4000 or at the shelter in Cole Harbour Place) and they will be contacted if and when access is permissible.

STATUS OF THE FIRE At this point, there is more smoke than there is actual fire; there are still larger areas burning, but they are fairly deep back in the brush. No residential areas are immediately affected at this time.

SCHOOLS The Halifax Regional School Board has announced that the following schools will be closed tomorrow:

-Bell Park -Atlantic View -O'Connell Drive

The school board will announce each day what school closures will be in effect for the following day.

Junior High and High Schools located outside the evacuation areas will remain open, however students who live within the evacuated areas are excused from writing exams. Please get in touch with individual principals to make arrangements to either pro-rate your grades or re-schedule your exam.

All Junior High and High School students who live within the evacuated areas have excused absences from classes.


Updated Sunday June 15th, 2008 12:03 pm CALLS REGARDING POLICE ALLOWING ACCESS TO RESTRICTED AREAS Police are only allowing access to restricted areas to those residents who have registered with the Red Cross and who have been contacted and informed that they can access their home.

Individuals who have already registered with the Red Cross will be contacted if access to their home is permissible. Those who have not already registered with the Red Cross should do so through 490-4000 or through the shelter at Cole Harbour Place. Once they have registered with the Red Cross, the information will be forwarded to the RCMP who will then contact the resident when access is possible.

THERE ARE NO NEW EVACUATION ORDERS AT THIS TIME; that includes the area of Grand Dessert-this area is not under any threat from the fire.


Updated Sunday June 15th, 2008 9:51 am

For the Porter's Lake- Lake Echo and Area


Crews are evaluating the situation this morning and another update will occur at Cole Harbour place at 1:00pm today.

Residents with PETS in the evacuation area are being asked to register with the Red Cross at the Shelter, or by calling 490-4000. The Red cross will call back people with information on if they can return to retrieve / check on their pet.

Information on disruptions including School Cancellations will occur later today

Halifax Fire Deputy Chief Roy Hollett says the weather is co-operating and the crews are making good progress.


Updated Sunday June 15th, 2008 9:35 am


Halifax Fire advises that Evacuated areas in Tantallon - Bailee St and Janda St can return to their homes effective 12 noon today. Access to these areas will be restricted to residents only.


Updated Saturday June 14th, 2008 8:20 pm

All previous closures and evacuations remain the same.

For further updates, the public is asked to call the HRM Call Centre at 490-4000. Additionally, residents that have evacuated their homes can call the Centre where volunteers from the Red Cross will track their names for those inquiring about the well being of friends and family.


Updated Saturday June 14th, 2008 7:40 pm

An additional evacuation centre is now open for residents that have left their homes in the Porters Lake and Lake Echo areas as follows:

St. Anslem's Church Hall
West Chezzetcook
Contact: Janet Baker, President 827-2574


Updated Saturday June 14th, 2008 6:00 pm

At this time, HRM Fire and Department of Natural Resources have determined that they will not be re-opening Bailee or Janda Streets tonight.

If residents of these affected streets require accommodations, they can meet representatives from the Red Cross at the Seventh Day Adventist Church after 6:30 p.m. tonight.


Updated Saturday June 14th, 2008 4:24 pm


Saturday, June 14, 2008 Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), N.S.... Due to the spreading fire, there is a one hour notice for a possible mandatory evacuation in effect for residents living in the following areas: Carter Romans Sub Division, Beach Breeze Estates, and Haylings Acres all off the Lawrencetown Road. Halifax RCMP District and Halifax Regional Fire are asking residents living in these areas to strongly consider leaving this area as an evacuation notice may come anytime and will have one hour to vacate their residence immediately.

All other areas remain under the mandatory evacuation which runs from Highway 107 south between West Porters Lake Road and Mineville Road to the Lawrencetown Road, the Wonderland Trailer Park in Lake Echo and Two Rivers Sub Division.

Highway 107 Exits 17 though 19 remain closed, highways 7 and 207.

Cpl. Joe Taplin
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Halifax District
Media Relations Officer
1975 Gottingen St.
Halifax, N.S. B3J 2H1


Updated Saturday June 14th, 2008 4:00 pm

HRM and DNR Fire Unit Crews are working on hot spots in the woods. We anticipate re-opening Bailee and Janda Streets within the next few hours. An update will be made at 5:00 p.m.


Updated Saturday June 14th, 2008 3:58 pm

Update From Media Briefing

All previous closures and evacuations remain.

The following subdivisions in the Porters Lake, Lake Echo area are being notified to evacuate within one hour:

Hayling Acres
Beach Breeze Estates
Carters Roman Subdivision

The RCMP are beginning to initiate this process and residents are strongly advised to leave on their own accord. Please ensure medication, pets, and any necessary items are taken before you leave.

Bombers and Fire-fighters continue to battle the fires.

There is another media briefing scheduling for 7:00 pm tonight.


Updated Saturday June 14th, 2008 12:29 pm

There has been an additional area evacuated - THE TWO RIVERS SUBDIVISION - This includes:

Deerwood Dr
Stone Creek Dr
Two Rivers Dr
Beth Court
Dempster Cres


Updated Saturday June 14th, 2008 11:54 am

The evacuation zone has been EXTENDED to now include Wonderland Trailer Park and Mountain View Trailer Park:

Therefore the following streets are to be evacuated:

Circle Dr
Church Lake Drive
Bashful Ave
Grumpy Lane
Mountain View Dr
River Road
Happy Drive
Kings Way
Sleepy Drive

For people who have left prescription drugs behind - You can register with the red cross by calling HRM at 490-4000 and please contact your pharmacy as well.

For people who have left pets behind - at this time people cannot enter the evacuation zone and we must continue to wait until the situation is safe.


Updated Saturday June 14th, 2008 11:10 am

The fire is still not in control. HRM Fire Services, Natural Resources, RCMP and Red Cross are responding. Available Evacuation centres are:

Seaforth Community Hall, 6060 Hwy #207
Cole Harbour Place, Forest Hills Parkway

There will be a media briefing at 1 pm at Cole Harbour Place

Updated Friday June 13th, 2008 9:50 pm


Friday, June 13, 2008 Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), N.S....Additional evacuation centres are now open for residents that have left their homes in the Porters Lake and Lake Echo areas. The available centres are as follows:

For further updates, the public is being asked to call the HRM Call Centre at 490-4000. Additionally, residents that have evacuated their homes can call the Centre where volunteers from the Red Cross will track their names for those inquiring about the well being of friends and family.


Cpl. Joe Taplin
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Halifax District
Media Relations Officer
1975 Gottingen St.
Halifax, N.S. B3J 2H1

Updated Friday June 13th, 2008

Additional Evacuation Centre Open in Tantallon

(Friday, June 13, 2008)— An additional evacuation centre is now open for residents in the Tantallon area:

SeventhDay Adventist Church adjacent to Longers Rd., Tantallon

For further updates, the public is asked to call the HRM Call Centre at 490-4000. Additionally, residents that have evacuated their homes can call the Centre where volunteers from the Red Cross will track their names for those inquiring about the well being of friends and family.

James Campbell
HRM Corporate Communications

Updated Friday June 13th, 2008 6:32pm


Friday, June 13, 2008 Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), N.S....RCMP Halifax District are informing residents of the following evacuation centres:

West side of Porters Lake: Cole Harbour Place, Forest Hill Parkway
East side of Porters Lake: Seaforth Community Hall, 6060 Hwy 207

RCMP and Halifax Regional Fire are asking residents to keep away from the Porters Lake and Lake Echo areas due to the spreading of a large brush fire. Efforts to contain the fire are continuing.

The mandatory evacuation remains in effect.


Cpl. Joe Taplin
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Halifax District
Media Relations Officer
1975 Gottingen St.

Updated Friday June 13th, 2008 @5:27 pm

Friday, June 13, 2008 Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), N.S....Due to the spreading of a large brush fire, there is a mandatory evacuation in effect for residents living in the following areas: from Mineville Road to West Porters Lake Road and East of Highway 107 (Lawrencetown Road) including Candy Mountain Road. RCMP Halifax District and Halifax Regional Fire are asking residents living in these areas to please leave their homes immediately.

Please note, any students that were at O'Connell Drive Elementary at the time of the evacuation are now at Lakeview School in Porters Lake. RCMP are asking parents to arrive in person to pick up their children as they will not be allowing any individuals, other than parents, to pick up the students.

Highway 107 Exits 17 though 19 remain closed.

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