April 24, 2009

Google Eath car spotted in Nova Scotia

Google Earth car sighted at the corner of Symonds & Wyse in dartmouth, Nova Scotia


Google Earth car on Wyse Rd by Chater's Meat Market, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


Google Earth car spotter at Wyse & Russell streets, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

April 18, 2009

GoOgLe EaRTh OddItIeS - Mansion in Nova Scotia

GoOgLe EaRTh OddItIeS - Funeral

Cimetière d'Ixelles. Bruxelles, Belgique. Notable graves also include architect Victor Horta, chocolatier Jean Neuhaus.

The triangular section are Commonwealth War Graves. 


GoOgLe EaRTh OddItIeS - The Atomium in Brussels

February 15, 2009

Google EaRTH - Halifax Regional Municipality

Google EaRTH - Wind Farm in Cape Breton

Google EaRTH - DAL Sports Tigers

Google EaRTH - SMU Huskies

Google EaRTH - Aircraft in Flight over Nova scotia

This amazing image is from Google Earth.  Ive left the datum intact so you can go find it yourself!  The aircraft is located off the coast of Chezzetcook, heading to Halifax International Airport.


Google EaRTH - Hydro Dam in Bear River

Google EaRTH - Windmill in Nova Scotia

une Aolienne en Nouvelle-Ecosse (Petite Ruisseau, Clare)

A Windmill in Little Brrok, Nova Scotia



Google EaRTH - Eglise Saulnierville Chruch

Google EaRTH - Movie Location The Scarlet Letter

This is what remains of the movie location for The Scarlet Letter with Bruce Willis & Demi Moore.

It is located in St Alphonse, Nova Scotia.




Google EaRTH - Nova Scotia Smugglers Cove

This sea cave was a popular spot for rum runners during prohibition

Google EaRTH - Eglise Saint Bernard Church

Google EaRTH - Nova Scotia Saint Croix Hydro Dam

One of the largest hydro dams in Nova scotia. 


February 09, 2009

Google EaRTH - Halifax Cruise Ship Terminal

Google EaRTH - Halifax Harbour Queen

Google EaRTH - Halifax Shopping Center

Google EaRTH - Tall Ship Silva

Google EaRTH - Trailer Park Boys Stacks

From Dartmouth, Nova scotia... the stacks from Trailor Park Boys seen from Google Earth. (Its really a power plant)


Google EaRTH - Theodore Tugboat

Google EaRTH - pHOTO mISMAtch in Halifax Harbour

Wreck in Halifax Harbour

January 27, 2009

Oddities in Google Earth - Halifax, Nova Scotia

 George's Island where Acadian Deportees were imprisoned during the genocide of 1755-1763. 















The Harbour Hopper, a popular tourist trap










Theodore Tugboat in its Birth on the Halifax Waterfront

















 More detail of the Offramp to nowhere. 











 Look closer!  its been like this for at least two decades!
















 The HMCS Chicoutimi submarine, in drydock, following the fatal explosion














 An Oil Rig moored in Woodside, Nova Scotia


January 25, 2009

Google Earth -Halifax's Offramp to nowhere


Halifax's Road to nowhere 














Located at the Halifax side of the MacKay Bridge.  Demolition on this unused part of road has begun as of Jan 2009 following two decades of abandon.  

December 01, 2008

Airplane Crash on Google Earth

Secret Places of The Earth

Secret Places of The Earth

Explore the Sky in Google Earth

UFO in Google Earth

Mysteries of Google Earth

Out of Place - Google Earth

Google Earth Videos

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