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Acadians don't celebrate Thanksgiving.

Acadians don't celebrate Thanksgiving. The reason is overlooked by most. Although I could write a thesis on this, here's the need-to-know: In the USA, Thanksgiving is an native celebration of the harvest but it is not so in Canada. In the Dominion of Canada, Thanksgiving is a commemoration of the end of the Seven Years War, essentially a loyalist celebration which marked the end of the expulsion. A dark moment for Nova Scotia history, in particular.


Thanksgiving, in Canada, IS NOT a celebration of the Harvest. In fact, it has never been. Our closeness to our american neighbors is hugely responsible for why most canadians are under the FALSE IMPRESSION that "our" Thanksgiving has anything to do with giving thanks for the harvest.


Feel like thanking the Loyalists for the Bounty on our scalps ? A bounty, I might add, that to this day, has NEVER been rescinded....


Go ahead and eat your damn turkey - but don't go crying to the feds when your culture is assimilated beyond recovery.


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