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Four Nova Scotia Ghost Towns to Explore

The Electric City - New France & Balancing Rock

To visit New France in the J.D. Irving Woodlands near Weymouth, Nova Scotia, take Exit 27 or Exit 28 off Highway 101. At the flashing amber light in Weymouth, take Route 340 south. Travel 7 km., then turn east on the Langford Road. Continue 5.5 km until Southville Corner. Take the gravel road (New France Road) for 11.25 km and turn north on Silver River Road to the settlement’s remains . It flourished from 1894 – 1910 on the banks of the Silver River between two lakes. Although the site has now returned to woods, it once was known as New France and sometimes as Electric City. The little community enjoyed electric lighting operated by the mill’s power long before electricity was available in the rest of Digby County. Lumber was transported to the port some 17 miles away by a private railway, using tracks with rails made of logs. Part if the steam locomotive can still be seen in the surrounding comunity. On the way to New France, on the Irving Roads, there's small handpainted signage pointing the way to Balancing Rock. I would not suggest attempting this trail unless you are an avid offroader, though most SUVs **CAN** do it. The signage continues though somewhat obscure and the Balancing Rock is nothing short of spectacular. Local lore tells of an indian maiden still seen today in her birch bark canoe in the mist of Langford Lake.

Icelandic Stlmts & Caribou Mines

There is a website with a detailed map of the settlement remains at http://www.nova-scotia-icelanders.ednet.ns.ca/markland.html It is the remains of an Icelandic Settlement named "Markland" which existed from 1875 to 1882 on 3,000 acres of land lying between Caribou Gold Mines and the village of Mooseland. The settlement is located on lands owned by Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. The company did extensive work to fix up the roads leading to the memorial and the pioneer sites. There are a number of obstacles involved in navigating the entire trail system, including, as my pic show, a road washed out by an extensive beaver dam, as well as the "Old Icelandic Road" which is wide on both approaches does narrow progressively - great camping sites if you can get by the narrow trails. The place is easy to find from Caribou Gold Mines or from Mooseland.

Roxbury Ghost Town

N 44° 48.700 W 065° 10.031

Discover the NS ghost town of Roxbury from the early 1800's, in Annapolis County towards the end of the 8km "Roxbury Road". Depending on your vehicle, you can drive in all the way (4x4) or about 1km and walk / bicycle the rest. It is an old "ox-cart" road which makes easy hiking. The "Roxbury Road" is just outside the village of Paridise in the Annapolis Valley. It goes past a gravel pit where the locals drive their dirt bikes. You can probably drive a normal car in about 1-2km before the road becomes more challenging with rocks and boulders to drive over / around. If you have a Mountain Bike, this would be a nice drive. The locals drive 4-wheeler ATV's up it to a few hunting camps at the far end of the 8km road, which ends at a pretty lake and old water supply dam. You will be surprised when in the middle of no-where (5Km in) you see a big sign "Welcome to Roxbury". From that point onwards for about 1km, you will find little white signs that direct you to the old dug wells and stone foundations of many homes that once were here. There is an old pioneer cemetery too. I followed the sign to the mill pond, but couldn't find it. (seemed to lead to someone's camp / home). Near the rubble of a collapsed building, someone is still maintaining a small vegetable garden. There is a hunt camp on the left. They knew nothing of the reputed hermit of the area. Further past their camp the trail gets rougher, but eventually ends at a beautiful lake, and the remnants of a water control dam. Legend has it that about sixty of the Acadian settlers took flight up the river and hid on the South Mountain (one place was said to have been an area near Paradise, now known as Roxbury, but none are thought to have survived the winter); Link to Michael Haynes description http://www.littlewoodenman.com/tke/2003/april/roxbury/index.php

There was also, on the point of what is now known as Roxbury Road, a very large Micmac Reserve. The Chief-- was the famous Paul Malti, who is mentioned in several histories of the area. The Micmacs, were then, and still are, mostly Roman Catholics.There are a number of small white signs that point to these type of wells where you will also find stone foundations. .The worst part of the road is just past that sign,so if your brave enough to make it up and over that then Its clear sailing to the site.The first half of the road is worse then the second part.

Cape Breton Ghost Town (Broughton Arms Hotel Ruins)

N 46° 04.865 W 059° 58.309

At the turn of the century Broughton was a booming mining town with hotels, etc. One of the hotels was called 'Broughton Arms'. Only the foundations of these buildings are what remain and are hidden in the woods. A good place to park is at N 46 04.958 W 059 58.316, and walk down the road about 160m.Coors given are for the General Mining Office for the old Broughton Mine site. The Broughton Arms Hotel is at N46 04.867, W59 58.364 and is quite a larger foundation. Also across the main road is the Crown Hotel ( ? ) foundation located at N46 05.053 W59 58.347. There are also a number of smaller foundations from some of the miners homes. The Broughton Arms Hotel was the first Hotel in North America with a revolving door. Broughton Rd on 255 between 22 and Homeville.


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