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When is the last time you saw a "Second- Hand" coffin?

When is the last time you saw a "Second- Hand" coffin? http://www.ujr.ca/EN/coffin.htm Pictured here is fourth generation Camille Robichaud with the coffin built for the wife of first generation Jean-Pierre Robichaud. The legend is this: In 1912, Jean-Pierre Robichaud's wife fell into a coma, a situation not too uncommon at the time as there was no remedy for illnesses such as diabetes. Not sure if she was alive or dead, the family kept her in the larder (cold room) for eighteen days. Doctor MacDonald was refused admittance because he was a protestant and this was a catholic household. After 18 days, the local parish priest declared her dead and she was placed in this coffin. The family was called to arrange a funeral. One of the sons, upon returning home for the funeral was unhappy to see his mother in a plain wooden box. He purchased another one, rumor has it, lined in silk, and the body was buried in the new coffin. And that's how the last coffin ever built by U.J. Robichaud, for none other than Margerite Robichaud remains within our possession.


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